The New York Times reported that Apple and Google are working on technology that you would wear.  Apple is working with a piece that would double as a watch.  Google’s plans were not that specific; just that they were developing technology that you would wear.

Apple’s goal is to design a piece people would want to wear.  The device would take advantage of Siri, the virtual personal assistant, technology.  The piece would talk to user’s iPhone and vice versa. 
Speaking to the New York Times, Michael Liebhold, a senior research executive, for the Institute for the Future, said that in as little as 10 years, we'll be wearing glasses with built-in screens and kids will be playing a "virtual" game in real life, "chasing virtual creatures for points."

We for one don’t think “glasses as monitors” and “virtual real-life” games are as far away as ten years.  It’s quite easy to see them appearing well before that.  As for the wearable technology, it will happen fast.  It seems such a no-brainer, that it’s hard to believe it will not be regular part of our lives in five years.