A group of former Denver Bronco football players have been sued by St. Paul Fire and Marine for allegedly attempting to collect workers' compensation benefits from the insurer.

The players involved in the suit include: Floyd Little, Edwin Smith, John Rowser, Louie Wright, Godwin Turk, Barney Chavous, Mike Schnitker, Billy Van Heusen and Randy Gradishar.
The lawsuit contends the team is incorrectly trying to get St. Paul to pay the nine claims for the players. St. Paul is a subsidiary of Travelers Insurance.

The lawsuit was filed last week in U.S. District Court in Denver.

The bottom line problem is the long-running battle between the NFL Players Association and the league over coverage for post-career injuries. The debate is one reason why the NFL and its players are embattled in a contract dispute that could lead to the elimination of a portion of the 2011 season.