By Paul Parcellin, Staff Writer
October 1, 2014

As an online marketer you probably realize the value of good content, and you strive to post it on your website. But once you have posted high quality content, how do you ensure that the qualified prospects see it?

Maybe you're already optimizing your content for Google and other search engines. You may even send out emails and make an announcement on social media whenever you post new and interesting stuff.

However, you may not have the benefit of owning a large opt-in email database to get the word out about your site. Organic reach takes time and effort to develop, and standard SEO tactics, such as backlinks and keywords are less effective than they used to be. An effective alternative may be to step up your promotional efforts.

If you're in a saturated field it will take longer to see the benefits of organic growth than it would if you happen to be working with a brand that has little competition. Many firms don't have the patience to wait up to a year for a strategy to start driving significant traffic to its site. So, for those who are late arrivers to a crowded field you'll need to take some creative action to compete with others.

Here are some suggestions for promoting your content and improving your sales lead generation capabilities. With these tactics you may be able to see quicker results from your promotional efforts.

Getting Coverage

This can be a powerful way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to a site. It can also boost conversions when you target the right audience. Usually, public relations people pitch brand-related story ideas to the media to get coverage. You can pitch a guide, an ebook or a study just as effectively if the topic is relevant to the publication's readership.

Get Influencers in Your Corner

When you enlist the aid of influencers, you're doing the work of a media relations person. Instead of talking with editors and journalist you may find it more fruitful to reach out to bloggers and others who have a substantial social media following and are plugged into the industry in which you are working.

Speaking with influencers may help persuade them to share a link to your content on social media, could result in an endorsement, or if you hit the jackpot, they may even decide to collaborate with you.

You Write for Them

If you are invited to write a bylines article for a publication you can mention any ebooks studies, guides and blogs that you have created. This will help direct traffic toward your site. If you are recognized as an authority on your topic of interest this will increase your chances of landing article assignments. You likely won't be paid much, or perhaps anything at all, but the amount of exposure you can gain from a well-placed article with your byline on it can be extremely valuable.

Content Discovery Networks

The Content Marketing Institute says that content marketing has grown substantially in the past four years, and networks such Taboola, AdBlade, and Outbrain are working to continue that expansion. What they do is help marketers get their content in front of large numbers of readers and help traditional media outlets increase their revenue.

The institute reports a "90 percent adoption rate of content marketing by B2C brands and a 93 percent rate for B2B brands. More than 70 percent of these brands have increased the amount of content they create over the last 12 months and are planning on spending more."

Sponsored Content

Some media outlet will publish "advertorials," a hybrid of editorial content and advertising. You can place your articles in publications, websites and social media for a price, often ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to six figures. At first glance, sponsored content looks like a news story or feature article, but most publishers label advertorials as sponsored content. Paid placement of articles may work for you, especially if your articles contain useful information, and they are placed in an industry-appropriate magazine or website.

Social Media Promotion

You may have noticed that ads on some social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have moved from the outer edges of the page into user newsfeeds. The "sponsored" posts look a lot like posts from your friends and the pages you follow. Try promoting your pages on various social media platforms and see which works best for you. You may find that some work best with blogs and others with landing pages. With pay per click advertisements you can pay anywhere from 25 cents per click to $200 or more.


Newsletters are a familiar tool to most marketers, and each of us likely has at least one in our in boxes at any given time. Companies that have compiled large email address databases often insert marketers' content in their newsletters for a price. The material you can place in these newsletters can include branded content, offers and other items.

Social Media

Social media has been touted as the be-all, end-all of marketing, but Facebook and other platform are limiting brands' organic reach. While social media campaigns have been an effective familiarizing tool for marketers, be aware that you've got to play by the rules each social media platform asserts. Their algorithm changes could also have an impact on your campaigns.


Email can be an effective means of reaching a vast audience of prospects, subscribers, customers as well as partners. You can launch a one-time campaign or sign up a number of subscribers interested in receiving your materials. You may not have a large mailing list, but in time you can develop a sizeable list to distribute offers and other content.

Post Script

We've often heard that it takes patience to see results from inbound marketing. However, if you experiment with content promotion you may find that you can speed up the process and see results sooner than you may have expected.

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