There may be some subtle signs that the economy is beginning to recover, but the majority of Americans are stil skeptical about their long-term financial future.

A recent survey released by the Country Financial Security Index shows the percentage of Americans who are confident about their financial future has actually fallen thus far in 2011.

The survey indicates the percentage of respondents with an “excellent” feeling about their financial security fell from 10.7 percent in February, 2011, to 8.6 percent in April.  Less than one-fifth (19.5 percent) feel “very likely” they will be able to sock away enough retirement money to live comfortably. When the survey was conducted in February, 2011, 21.2 percent thought they would be able to retire comfortably.

Among the African-Americans polled, just 6.6 percent said they have an “excellent” comfort level about their long-term security; and 27 percent rated their long-term financial confidence as “good.” Nine percent of Caucasians polled rated their long-term confidence level as “excellent”; and 30.7 percent rated it “good.”