A study conducted by “FirstBest Systems, Inc. “ at the Market Scout insurance symposium in Dallas in September 2011 shows that there is need for greater mobile access in the commercial insurance sector.  The data is split between carriers/MGU’s and agencies/brokers.  The following numbers reflect the carriers/MGU’s.
49% use a tablet, with the majority using an Apple iPad or iPad2. 
Close to all use a smartphone with 45% favouring a blackberry, 46% and iPhone and 20% use an Android.  17% also reported using more than one device.
85% say they would benefit from mobile access; 75% feel they would help provide faster responses to customers and 67% would like to use them to be more efficient when out of the office.

The top answers to “What kinds of tasks would you like to do with a mobile device?” were:  83% to access customer information anywhere;  62%% to check an application status; to show a client information 58%; and 46% said they would like to bind coverage over the phone.
52% use a tablet device.  42% said they would prefer their tablet as their one mobile device.  24% said a smartphone and 18% a laptop.
80% say they would benefit from mobile access.  95% feel that they would provide faster responses; 81% say they could provide better service and 65% said they would get faster responses from the company and/or carrier.

As to what they would like to do with the devices, access to customer information and sharing information with clients were popular, but 66% said they would like the ability to start a new application.