If you don’t like the idea of your personal information being shared with all kinds of folks including the government, than you’re going to hate CISPA (cyber intelligence sharing and protection act.)  Several times in this law creation process, amendments to strengthen personal data have been added to the bill only to have them stripped away at the last minute.

Last week we reported that CISPA had moved through the House committee and the bill was on its way to the House where revisions (amendments) could be added.  And yes, more last minute changes.

According to an article on WebProNews, an amendment that would have limited the sharing of personal information within the federal government to the Department of Homeland Security, has been nixed.

The bill states: “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a self-protected entity may, for cybersecurity purposes…share such cyber threat information with any other entity, including the Federal Government.”
This means that any company can share your information with various agencies within the government and we as consumers would be powerless to stop them.

This is a devastating piece of legislation if you care about your personal privacy and what companies you do business with, do with it.  On the positive side of personal data protection, the President has indicated that he will veto the bill if it reaches his desk as it.