Google has created a version of its Chrome web browser for the Android system.  It has synchronization features for sharing tabs and bookmarks across devices.  It’s available for Android phones running Ice Cream sandwich, but the majority of current Android phones run older versions of the software.

According to TechNewsWorld, making the browser a downloadable app means users don’t have to wait for the factory to install it on future phones.  But, they do have to wait for the ice cream sandwich updates.
The ability to cross platforms is an important one.  You can have a tab open on your desktop for instance and access that on your phone.  Other features worthy of mention include a dedication to privacy with a private browsing mode called “Incognito” and the ability to fine-tune options.

Everything was of course redesigned to fit on the smaller screen with tabs fitting on the small screen.  And in a major victory for shaky-hands persons, the problem of tapping links on a small screen has been improved with a feature that zooms on the links, thus making the choice of a link an easier task to complete.

The address bar remains as a search bar as well, as in the desktop version.  Mobile chrome also delivers video in html5.

ABI Research Analyst Michael Morgan makes a good observation, “They're using this browser to bridge the gaps between desktop, smartphone and tablet," he told LinuxInsider.