What none of us have extra of, is time.  Hopefully these apps will do just that - create some extra time in your day.

1.     Bufferapp.com:  Buffer helps you share content on a time-released basis.  For example, the buffer icon easily adds an article to your buffer and releases it at times you have pre-determined.  There is a mobile version, so it works there too.  Buffer is perfect for twitter so you can spread out the time in which your re-tweets appear; and of course you have analytics for every post you send.  You decide the times you want the information shared.  Your followers will be thankful.

2.    Explain and Send Screenshots: Nothing like having a title that tells you what it does, right?  This app allows you to capture screenshots, make notes and then share it with a direct link to the frame.  Great tool for sharing ideas with others as well as for brainstorming.  This tool would guarantee that literally, everyone is on the same page.

3.    Stay Focused:  Perfect tool for the “overly social” writer.  This allows you to block specific pages for the times that you choose.  You can for example, block facebook for all but 15 minutes a day.  This keeps you from wasting time, yes, but it also acts as a scheduling device if you are one who is always putting off doing your due diligence with social media.

4 and 5.  SEOmoz Tool Bar: This allows you to check for SEO metrics easily without having to dig them up manually.  At a glance, see how many inbound links there are.  The tool works for Google search result pages as well.  Lots of other nifty features, so check it out.  For metrics that SEOmoz misses go to SEO for Chrome.  Great stuff.