With so many tablets on the market, it could be difficult to pick the right one.  After all, they keep coming out with new ones and “improved” versions of old ones every few months it seems.  But what really sets them apart from each other?

Money is almost always the main concern when buying a new piece of technology. You certainly wouldn’t want to buy a bad product, no matter how inexpensive it is.  But money is certainly something to consider.
If you have a natural predisposition to Apple, the 4th generation iPad is your best choice.  Running at about $500, it’s sleek and beautiful all while having an excellent camera and great graphics.  But most importantly, it’s fast.  It has an A6X processor, so there is no lag time when surfing the web.
A great tablet for a smaller price is the Google Nexus 7.  This tablet is small but mighty (as far as small tablets go).  It’s fairly average in terms of speed, but it’s got some great features and comes and a fantastic price.

Some say smaller and more compact is easier and more transportable, while some think that bigger is better.  A smaller tablet like the iPad mini or the Google Nexus,  you can put in your pocket.  This blurs the line between tablets and phones.  This is especially true when you consider that Samsung phones keep getting bigger and bigger.  Don’t be surprised to see a small tablet come out with phone capabilities.  
 A bigger tablet like the Microsoft Surface can be better to do work on, but at almost 11 inches, it is less convenient to carry around.

Yes, the more memory space the better is true, but more space costs more money, and if you don’t need it, why pay for it?
The Microsoft Surface comes with the most space at 64 gb, but it is also one of the more expensive tablets on the market.  The Kindle Fire is a great value in terms of space, coming in at under $300 and offering 32 gb.
With some of the tablets, you don’t necessarily need to pay tons more for the space you need.

Battery Life
One of the biggest complaints with pretty much any technology is that the battery life isn’t long enough.  But when it comes to tablets, some are better than others.  The Google Nexus 7 has almost 11 hours of battery life.  The 4th generation iPad has only half of that.

Making information mobile and even more accessible, the tablet has changed the way we connect and the way we do work, and there is undoubtedly a tablet that excels at whatever is important to you.