The Consumer Financial Protection Board has developed a platform with which to easily provide feedback regarding ways to streamline federal regulation of various finance-related industries.
The CFPB gathered hundreds of responses regarding the insurance industry and their report and recommended regulatory revisions are overdue, but expected to be released in March. 
So if you are in the payday loan, credit report or debt collection businesses in particular, you should gather your thoughts and send in to the CFPB. 
The Online Lenders Alliance (OLA)is also gathering thoughts and opinions, so if you want to submit your thoughts through them go here. 
If you decide to send input, here’s what you should be prepared to share:
o    Describe the specific change you want to make to the regulations
o    Explain why you think the recommended change is a good one
o    Explain how the change would affect your customers and how you think it will affect financial services providers.

This information will be published, minus e-mail and phone number.