Capital One Bank has been fined $210 million for alleged misleading practices towards consumers.  The CFPB says that the credit card division of Capital One Bank tricked consumers into buying expensive add-ons. reports that $150 million will be refunded to 2.5 million consumers, while $25 million will go to the CFPB and $35 million to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a separate federal agency that oversees its banking operations.

According to the CFPB, Capital One’s phone-sales operators told customers that services such as payment protection and credit monitoring were free or mandatory, or they misrepresented what the optional coverages really covered.

To uncover the misdeeds, CFPB officials reviewed records and phone scripts, plus conducted interviews and listened to screening calls.

The tactics used by Capital One included the targeting of consumers with sub-prime credit cards or that had low credit limits.  The events were also witnessed first-hand by the CFPB, as they are allowed to conduct on-site visits and inspections.

The chief enforcement officer of the CFPB, Kent Markus, said the goal is to, “make it more costly to violate the law than to comply with it."