David Silberman, the acting director for research, markets and regulations, for the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,) actually praised the banking and non-banking industries for the “groundbreaking work” in providing financial services to the poor. 

"We approach our task with on the one hand great humility, and also with full appreciation and respect for the groundbreaking work that so many of you have done," he added.
Silberman was addressing the Underbanked Financial Services Forum, an annual conference sponsored by the non-profit Center for Financial Services Innovation and American Banker.

Silberman also stressed that the agency is aware that it is responsible for more than just creating rules and regulations.  They are also charged with innovation.  Part of their job is to help “markets facilitate access and innovation.”
He also made one statement that if not reassuring to non-bank entities, at least if lived up to, provides some comfort. 
"For most of the non-banks we supervise, including, I suspect, a number of the people in this room, this will be their first experience with a federal supervisory relationship," he said. "We intend to be transparent in our expectations of those institutions, so that there should be no 'gotchas.'"

He did say that some federal regulation of non-bank entities is here to stay, although they (the CFPB) are working to gain credibility with the states by working with them.  American Banker was the source for this article.