There are companies that will pay you to take old tech such as computers, blu-ray movies, mobile phones and other such items.  Here’s a list some:

Gazelle:  A reCommerce service that will take iPads, external hard drives, GPS devices, satellite radios, Blu-ray movies and other gadgets. If your item isn’t listed, you can contact them for a personalized quote. Payment can be made via Amazon gift card, checks, PayPal, or you can opt to have the funds donated to one of the charities they work with.

NextWorth:  Works with several retailers to make it easy for you to receive store credit or a gift card by trading in old electronics. You can also go to the website and receive a quote online, then get a check or gift card mailed to you. You can also receive payment via PayPal or e-gift card.

eBay:  As part of the Rethink Initiative program, eBay offers various tools and solutions to consumers looking to sell one or many electronic devices. If you choose not to sell your device on eBay yourself, there are a couple other options the company can provide you with. buys your used cell phones, iPods, iPads and other Apple products, digital cameras, tablets, and other electronics. You'll receive a free quote, and if you agree with the offer, the company also offers free shipping. The gadget will then be processed and you'll get a check back, or payment via PayPal.

iOffer is another eCommerce site that offers "a negotiable marketplace." You can sell, trade or purchase just about anything, but there is a whole section devoted specifically to video games.

There are several big retailers that have programs for trade-ins of old tech and they include Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Radio Shack.