Credit Cyrus Farivar for taking 3 hours, spending $90 and creating a solar powered battery charger for the iPhone.  Or as he describes it, "how I upped my geek cred one morning for $90 in parts and a little moxie."  Thanks fto for publishing the article.
He credits Drake Martinet, of NowThisNews for providing the inspiration.  Martinet had a “flexible solar panel” he used for charging while out of the office and that gave Farivar the idea.  He did the research, and found the method and a shopping list.  He enlisted the help of an electrical engineer friend of his and proceeded to start.

Here’s his shopping list:
•    2.0 Watt, 6 Volt Solar Panel—$29, Voltaic Systems
•    MintyBoost—$23, Adafruit
•    Cable/LiPoly charger/battery—$36, Sparkfun
•    Altoid tin—$3.70, your corner liquor store

We won’t go into all the detail that he does, but rather give you an overview of the process.  First, you solder the circuits of the MintyBoost to its board.  This wired board is then wired to the LiPoly board.  As he points out, if there’s no smoke, you’re good to go.  You connect the LiPoly to the battery.

The Altoids tin is for storing the charging pieces.

So far he has learned that this low-tech charger really needs to be in direct sunlight to be fully operational, so it really does work best when you’re on the go.

All of which begs the question.  Why doesn’t apple have solar powered chargers (I checked their website and they don’t) and well, when the hell are they gonna have them?  Hey apple, you’ve got the money.  Solve the battery/power challenges all of us face.  Pretty Please.