I ran across this great “blog post optimization how-to” and thought it worthwhile to review.  Sometimes we get in bad habits…especially us writers (or should that be “we” writers)…and it’s beneficial to review the basics to make sure we’re doing what we need to do to insure our posts are working hard for us. 

Article Title.  Your article title has up to 65 characters.  Since it a part of the permanent URL, make sure it’s on the money.  And of course, incorporate your keywords.

Page Title.  Use the page meta-data to support your keywords to describe page content.  Wordpress (WP) has plug-ins available to help with this project.

Description.  This should tie in with the above two properties to communicate what the article is about.  The WP plug-in will help in its construction.  Desc’s are less than 250 characters.

Content.  Be sure to use the meta-keywords in your content.  Don’t forget to use variations of the keywords as well.

Bold and Italics.  Use to make the post easier to read, not just for SEO purposes.

Look for Internal Links.  Do you have a previous post that is tied thematically to the current one?  Don’t forget to link back to your previous post.  This process helps to keep people on your site longer; visiting older posts adds weight to your site.  DON’T FORGET:  When you hyperlink, do not forget to add a title on the hyperlink box.  It’s easy to overlook and it helps to identify what your link is.

Post Images.  Photos, illustrations, graphics add to a blog post.  But don’t stop there.  Make sure you title the photo.  Don’t let it stay as SSW_Image…. – This serves several purposes.  First, it helps search engines and second, when people move the cursor over the image it shows them why the picture is there.  And, by having a title, your photo will pop up when people conduct a photo search.

Post Article to Social Media.  Always let people know you’ve posted.