Last week, a new marketing campaign, (“bing it on”) and this week the announcement that Bing will be the default search engine on the new line of Amazon tablet products.  Microsoft is aggressively getting back into the search game.  The question is, “are they too late?”

Bing obviously wants to improve their status as a very distant second to Google in search.  Negotiating deals where they are the default choice on new and popular products will go a long way to helping them improve.  One of the keys for Microsoft (owners of bing) is that because of its low price point, the Kindle Fire is attractive to younger users.  By attracting younger users to their product, bing hopes to keep them for years after.

In our little content marketing office we think it might be too late for bing, but if they have a chance, it will be by making deals to be the default browser (AND DELIVERING THE BEST RESULTS) for products such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire.