According to information released by bing in April 2013 more than half of searchers click on the first search result.  We assumed the figure was high, but not that much.

The number goes even higher when that result includes bing’s “deep links.”  In that case the number soars to 75%.

If you have the 3rd position, how do you fare?  The report says between 4 and 6% click on your link.  Wow again!  The fourth result garnered 2 to 3% of the total clicks.  The report did not include the second spot in the reported results.

But there is good news in the report for lower ranking sites.  If the user goes to the first listing and then hits the back button, “statistics showed that the click-through rate in lower positions are a factor of five to eight times higher.”  This, according to bing’s original post.

According to the SearchEngineLand post, these statistics changed the number of results that bing showed.  The first search will contain eight results.   If the back button is used, the number of results will vary from 12 to 18.

The number of returned listings in your search request depends upon the category, the search request style (single company request or long tail search) and more.

The bing post said this about their decision to expand listings:  When it’s clear that searchers are in an “exploratory mode”, (hitting the back button is considered proof of that) we want to return as many listings as possible.