Baja California lawmakers have turned “thumbs up” on a law mandating that drivers entering Baja must have car insurance valid in Mexico.

The new law could lead to a spike in new business for Baja car insurance agencies.

Henry Esquer of MexUS Insurance Services Inc. in Calexico said he was pleasantly surprised by the passage of the new law: “There should be some boost because there’s a lot of people that take it on their own and go across without it,” he said.

“I never thought Mexico would even consider that because there’s a tremendous population in Mexico that can’t even afford it.”

Mexican car insurance can usually be purchased on a 24-hour basis to a full year and costs around $15 a day for basic coverage.

Each county in Baja California can decide how strictly it wants to enforce the new law. First-time offenders driving without car insurance will be given a verbal warning, and citations will be written for ensuing violations.