There has been a bunch of interesting developments taking place throughout the U.S. in the world of auto insurance. Check out some highlights:

* The gecko wants more Golden State business. Geico has sliced auto insurance rates in California by 10.7 percent. The rate reduction takes effect Aug. 15 for the carrier's 700,000-plus policyholders in the state.

* Driving uninsured in Nevada is now a much bigger gamble. The Silver State has added teeth to its mandatory auto insurance law. Now if Nevada drivers are caught without insurance coverage they could face a 30-day license suspension and a $1,750 fine.

* Flo wants to know ... Progressive Insurance now allows consumers shopping through their mobile device to rate vehicle insurance expenses from 1 to 10. "VIN Capture" can be downloaded from Android and iPhone devices.

* MetLife has announced it is offering free insurance for a year on new GM vehicle sales in Oregon and Washington. The move sparked controversy and an outcry from MetLife's producers, who would have to forego their commission on the free policies.

* Volvo has always had a reputation for producing ultra-safe vehicles. Now a survey has revealed drivers with Volvo's "City Safe" system are involved in fewer rear-end collisions than drivers in cars without that function.