It's been a year or so since Google actually voiced the idea that having authorship set up with Google+ helps you in the search results.  After a year, research is showing that this is in fact the truth.

So, let's say you've got a blog and post great content on a regular basis.  You will achieve higher rankings if these articles are tied to a Google+ author account.  It's Google's belief  (in addition to their desire to force people to use Google+)if you take the time to set up an account with your picture, a bio, etc., as well as have a library of content,  you are an expert of some type on the topic, and therefore deserve enhanced standing in the SERP's.

According to an article by Nathan Safran on, the percentage of persons with author profiles that appear on page one increased from 33% in January 2012 to 43% in May 2013.

The tech field has been the fastest to adopt the strategy.  Safran reports that 90% of tech writers have a Google+ account and of those, nearly 75% of the top 500 tech writers have Google+ authorship. 
After setting up a Google+ account, it's easy to that account to your content.

"This can be done either by inputting a verified email address from the same domain as their content into Google+ or by embedding their Google+ account URL into the content with rel=author html markup and adding the content's domain to their "contributor" list in Google+."

It's clear that authorship does matter, so set up an account to help your blog's rankings today.