Let’s face it; the Apple/Samsung trial is great for the busybody in all of us.  There has been some great dirt dished, to coin a phrase.  But maybe none quite so intriguing as the results of an internal Apple study (albeit from 2010) of why people were purchasing android phones.

The results shine some light on how Android started and grew.  48% of the respondents said that they bought an Android phone because they “wanted to stay with their current wireless provider.”  Remember, this is before the iPhone had multiple providers.  This is when they had an exclusive with AT&T.  The largest wireless network was and is Verizon, so this goes a long way to explaining how Android was immediately successful.

The second reason people chose Android was because they trusted the Google brand (36%.)

Next in line were “preference for the larger screen” at 30% and at 27%, were people who preferred the Android market for apps (ok, how crazy were these people, but I digress).

This study was actually submitted at trial by Samsung because they think it shows that people knew that were buying android products, apart from Apple products, which is the crux of the lawsuit.

It’s also clear that apple trusted the results and learned from this study, because the iPhone is now available on multiple carriers and their products are far more integrated than they were two years ago, which has always been a selling point for android phones and Google products.