The Court of Appeals for Washington D.C. upheld the controversial health care law, AKA “ObamaCare” as being constitutionally sound on November 8th.  It found that Congress did overstep its authority by requiring that citizens have health insurance of pay a fine, beginning in 2014.

This is the second court to uphold the law.  The Supreme Court could decide very soon whether to hear appeals of its own.

Obama adviser Stephanie Cutter said that opponents who say the individual mandate provision exceeded Congress' power "are simply wrong."  "People who make a decision to forego health insurance do not opt out of the health care market," she wrote. "Their action is not felt by themselves alone. Instead, when they become ill or injured and cannot pay their bills, their costs are shifted to others. Those costs - $43 billion in 2008 alone - are borne by doctors, hospitals, insured individuals, taxpayers and small businesses throughout the nation."

Over 48 million Americans do not have health insurance; in other terms more than 18%.