Well 79.3% actually.  But that headline really smacks you upside the head doesn’t it?  Apple has always been the platinum standard with the platinum pricing.  And in most cases that’s certainly worked for them.  But results of the last year in the smartphone market, might have the folks at Apple taking stock.

According to an article from BusinessInsider, one year ago, Android’s share of the market was 69.1%.  One year later it’s 79.3%.  That’s an incredible jump.  In the U.S. , it’s a virtual tie, with Apple slightly ahead.

So as the fall tech-release season approaches, it’s worth taking a few minutes to contemplate what the largest tech company in the world will do.

Apparently, a cheaper iPhone is on the way, as it’s now clear that Apple has given up way too much market share in the lower end phones.  How low-end they go is not known for sure.

The bigger question really is, “what are they going to introduce that no one else is doing?”  This is the single biggest challenge facing Apple on all fronts.  They designed a better PC than IBM, they invented the smartphone and the iPad, but the question now is, what’s next?”

For the last 30 years or so, Apple was the best.  Period.  In the case of smartphones and tablets?  The competition has mostly caught up.  If Apple wants to continue their dominance, something new has to be on the horizon.

Unfortunately for Apple, this might be a case of "a lull between technological storms."  What else do we really want our phones to do?  For that question we generally turn to Apple.  We’ll see if they know the answer.