It’s an App and those with the best apps win.  With the help of here are our choices for the Apps you can’t live without for your Android device.

1.    Mighty Text:  Access to your text messages on your phone, laptop or web browser.  Install an app on your phone and your computer and presto! you’re set up.

2.    Pulse News:  Choose your news sources and at any time you’ll have their leading stories compiled in one convenient place.

3.    TripIt: Gathers all your trip plans in one place.  Forward your airfare, meetings, car rentals, etc. and they’ll be gathered into one easy to follow itinerary with this app.

4.    Google Keep: Make notes via text, list, photos or voice.  (I love the voice recorded notes.)  These notes are accessible on your computer’s web browser as well.

5.    Bump.  Share files between cell phones and now between your PC and your phone.  WAY too convenient.

6.    Key Ring.  Do you have eight different discount cards for eight different stores either on your key ring or in your wallet?  No more.  Put them all in your phone with this scannable app.

7.    Valet:  No it doesn’t drive you around, but it provides two AWESOME features.  It can tell you where you left your parked car and it can tell you how much time you have left on your meter.  Both life savers if you ask me.

8.    Photo Editor: It has Special effects, filters, enhancements and more.

9.    Power Bubble Spirit Level: I love this app too!  A spirit level when you need it.  For those who don’t know what a spirit level is, it’s a tool that measures whether or not something is level.  I need to use it for my stove.

10.    Office Suite Pro: A scaled down version of Microsoft Office type features including spreadsheets and presentation editors (Power Point.)

This is a great little 10-pack of Android Apps.  Check them out when you have a chance.