The AMA is pleased with the Supreme Court decision to uphold the affordable health care act.  So says group President Dr. Jeremy Lazarus, who said,
“The AMA remains committed to working on behalf of America's physicians and patients to ensure the law continues to be implemented in ways that support and incentivize better health outcomes and improve the nation's health care system.”

Among the provisions that the AMA likes is the reduction of administrative burdens.  According to Dr. Lazarus the law has streamlined insurance claims, which allows Doctors and their staff to spend more time with patients and less with paperwork.

He also mentioned that these important changes (the health care reforms)have been made while keeping the American system of private and public insurers in place.

We are well aware that this law is the most divisive passed in years, but since it is law, it is somewhat comforting to know that people affected by the bill are happy with its existence.