At first glance the line-up of new tablets is impressive.  It may be the price that is most impressive.  They have re-tooled the Kindle Fire tablet to make it faster and more powerful – AND dropped the price by $40.  The new seven inch Kindle Fire is only $160!

This is important to affiliate marketers for two reasons.  First, with a price well below $200, demand will grow; more and more people will be walking around with tablet computers.  This means that if your site is not mobile-ready, it is past time to do so.  Even if your site is mobile ready, double check that your forms are easily read on mobile devices;  the application in particular.

Second; as computing becomes more mobile, more people will be applying for payday loans or insurance from a mobile device.  So, you’re asking yourself, what does this mean?

From a content perspective, it means develop articles, video, etc. that address what people might be doing when applying from their mobile device.  For example, an article or video that gives recommendations of what people should do if they are at the scene of an accident.  Or, run an article similar to this one…explain the differences between the major tablets.  This holiday season is going to be a huge one for tablets, so people will be looking for comparisons among the leaders.  Make your content the authoritative one on the subject.

Enough of the new Kindle Fire, what other products did Amazon announce?

The new Kindle Fire HD will have seven and 8.9 inch screens.  Each will have 16 Gb of storage capability and will cost $199 and $299.  There will another model with 32Gb of storage and that one will sell for $499.

A new polarizing filter on the glass will, amazon says, reduce glare over previous models.

Here’s a telling tag line from the Amazon announcement:  “We (Amazon) want to make money when people use the tablet, not when they purchase it.”  A very clear jab at apple for sure.
It’s clear Amazon is in the tablet game to stay and has a clear view of where they fit in the marketplace.  With prices like those expect to see more and more Kindle Fires.