In the states of Oklahoma and Kansas, Allstate Insurance is considering the driving records and claims histories of people who apply for a new homeowner’s product it wants to introduce in other states through 2014.
The product called “House and Home” uses auto history "as part of our underwriting because leading industry data points to a strong correlation between a good auto loss history and a lower likelihood of homeowners losses," said Laura Strykowski, a spokeswoman for the Northbrook, Ill.-based Allstate Insurance Co., in email and telephone interviews.

State Farm started factoring in auto history in the homeowner’s underwriting process recently as well.

It is also worth noting that in Oklahoma, homeowner’s must have their auto insurance through Allstate as well.

It is not known how Allstate will roll this out.  Will it just apply to new applicants?  Will it go into effect upon homeowner’s policy renewal?  Will current policy holders be grandfathered in?

From recent agent contract changes to underwriting procedures, it is obvious Allstate is changing the way it conducts business. What is not immediately clear is how the changes improve the insurance buying experience for consumers.