Yes, you can transfer your AdWords account information to bing, but should you?  It will absolutely save you some time, which is reason enough, but if you do so, here are four warnings that will save you much heartache later on. 

Sergey Rusak in a blogpost for provided these four warnings for those of you who transfer your AdWords accounts to bing.

1.    Study your settings.  Not all settings in AdWords are applicable to bing.  Rusak warns that in some cases you could inadvertently set your ads to run on every device in every country in the world.  Not sure you want to do that.

2.    Make sure you check your bing query report.  The way that bing and Google search Is very different.  Make sure after you transfer that you run a query report in order to eliminate keywords from bing that not related to you.

3.    Set up your mobile and display campaigns from scratch on bing.  Rusak warns that the mobile and display campaign systems are so different on bing and AdWords, that if you try and transfer your account you will just end up with a big mess.

4.    Optimize your bing account also.  Don’t just transfer and run.  He mentions a Wordstream tool that allows you to study your AdWords and bing campaigns on a single split screen at the same time.

By sheer volume, your AdWords account may require and deserve more of your time, but do not neglect bing to the point where it becomes a big waster of your time and money, because it was not set up properly to begin with.