Aah charisma.  (not be confused with “aye carumba.”  Seemed funny when I wrote it.)  You know charisma when you see it.  Actually you know when you feel it, because very often charisma is something you feel.

But even if you don’t have the charisma of say, Brad Pitt or Sofia Vergara, there are some things you can do to raise your charisma level.  It’s a good thing I read Inc. Magazine online or we might have missed this collection.  Inc.com is a great online publication and quite often I find articles that are helpful and of interest.  Jeff Haden wrote this one and we thank him.

1.    Listen more than you talk.  If only all people would follow this rule in all circumstances, it would be a quieter world.  But, that’s not going to happen.  But it’s a good tip, nonetheless.  If you are listening, you are engaged and that makes the speaker happy.  You’ll also learn a lot more this way.
2.    In the process of personal communication, give the other person your complete attention.  Put your electronics away.  They’ll immediately feel good about you.  Your charisma level  rises too.
3.    Help the other person before you accept help yourself.  Have you noticed a pattern here?  If the other person’s needs come first, your charisma level rises.
4.    Drop the self-important act.  None of us are as important as we think.  Take it down a notch.
5.    Language is important.  This is a very important point.    Haden gives the following example:  “you don’t have to go to a meeting.  You get to go meet with other people.”  Take the negative out and look for the positive in your verbal and written communications.
6.    Don’t bad mouth others.

You have to admit this is a pretty great list.  When you begin to take yourself out of the equation you’ll be adding to your own charisma.