By Paul Parcellin, Staff Writer
February 8, 2016

It’s difficult for online marketers to get their messages to the right people. If you find that your marketing campaign aren’t getting the results that you seek, why not try a fresh approach?

Here are some examples of simple strategies that can help you get the word out:

Meeting Offline

We tend to focus on attracting online traffic. So, it’s easy to forget about real-life meetings, as opposed to virtual ones. Face-to-face meetings can be an effective way of increasing the number of followers that you gain online. Use tools such as to gather like-minded individuals, and organize get-togethers around specific topics. You can organize get-togethers that are targeted toward a specific age group or location as well as a shared interest. Invite speakers to address the group, or you can simply open the floor to discussion of subjects of interest.

Get them Talking (and Tweeting)

If you’re planning a giveaway, say a whitepaper or something else that your followers can use, you can use it to help your marketing campaign. You could require that recipients leave their contact information with you before they can receive the gift. In addition, you can require that each tweets an affirmation to your firm if he or she wants to access other freebies.

They’ve Read It on Reddit

You can attract lots of followers through the online site Reddit. The site reportedly gets 71 billion page views a year, and most marketer wouldn’t mind getting a slice of that pie. It’s easy to post to Reddit, but like any social media platform, you can’t just walk right in and command the respect of your fellow Redditors – you’ve got to earn it. That means participating in forums, voting articles up and down and posting articles that are relevant to your readers. 

One way to alienate others in this and any other online forum is to come across as a marketer. Redditors can smell a promotional pitch a mile away, and they will be quick to humiliate and then ignore those who don’t add anything useful, humorous or interesting to the conversation. As you gain acceptance on Reddit you can solicit feedback on your company and do a little market research, too.

Social Media Bubbles

Get LinkedIn

If you set up and run a LinkedIn group, you can develop a regular following of people who fit the demographic that you’re interested in. You can moderate the group and post interesting, helpful information, and promote other businesses, too. Once in a while you can request feedback about your own business and send out promotions that are relevant to the group.

Join Established Groups

You don’t have to build a networking group from the ground up. Lots of other people already have large and active social media followings, and you can join in the conversation. Just be sure to hold off on making blatant promotional pitches to the crowd.  You’ll want to get to know others, and they you, before you ask to submit a guest post or ask if they want to form an alliance and work together.

The Screen Scene

If you haven’t tried making videos, you’re liable to find that you can reach a broader audience by putting up clips of news and information on YouTube. While a select few video producers have become successful on the advertising revenues they make on their YouTube posts, you can create content that will help promote your business. Create videos with time-saving tips for home and the office, information on great vacations that don’t cost a lot and smart ways to save money. This is one way to extend the reach of your message and attract new followers. 

Online Education

You can build trust with prospects by designing and teaching an online course. Create material that will help others do their jobs better, or perhaps cut household expenses. Various platforms are available to put your course online, such as Teachable, WizIQ and Udemy. At the end of the course you can offer participants a freebie if they sign up for your newsletter.

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