No, that is not missing a “1”.  Google designed and Samsung built a laptop that “lives in the cloud.”  Google in their blog posted on October 18, 2012, describes a scenario wherein different members of the family use different computers for different purposes.  Kids for homework, Mom and Dad for other purposes.  It would be helpful if these computers could communicate with each other.  It is their hope that the new Chromebooks will allow for just such an scenario.

It’s lightweight (2.5 pounds), is less than one inch thick, has an 11 ½” inch screen and comes with 100Gb free storage on Google Drive.  Google points out that if you use Gmail, Drive, Google + and a host of other Google products, operating and sharing are seamless.

At that price, one really can begin to envision a computer for everyone.  It almost feels like Dickens.  So I love Charles Dickens, hit me.