Google tracked Apple Safari users and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) was not happy about it.  As a result of the investigation into the matter they have levied a fine of $22.5 million against Google. 
The crack staff here at T3, well me, told you about this story a couple of months ago, so we felt it was only right to follow up. 

The fine, although the largest ever issued by the FTC, is chump change to Google. The settlement between the FTC and Google allows Google deniability in the matter.  They do not have to admit that they tracked people, when the overwhelming evidence proves they did.

Specifically, the agreement says that Google placed tracking cookies on Apple users of Safari.  The FTC says that this act violated a previous agreement between Google and the FTC.

Admittedly, the fine is small for the likes of Google, but it illustrates that privacy issues are on the federal government’s radar.  Further, this settlement provides a not so subtle warning shot to other companies that they better take privacy seriously too.