Maryland made public the rate increases coming from private insurers next year and the picture is not a pretty one for consumers.  25% premium increases are coming.  2014 marks the beginning of many of the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act AKA Obamcare, including the stipulation that people with prior diagnoses cannot be refused coverage.

In the past many people with pre-existing medical conditions were turned down for coverage because of the financial risks.   The new law prevents that from happening.  But of course that comes with a price and that price is higher premiums for everyone.

Everyone pays higher premiums because the law prevents insurance companies from assessing surcharges to those with pre-existing conditions.

If the 25% figure holds true for the rest of the country, as Maryland is one of the first states to release these figures, expect there to be protests across the country.  I would also expect many people to drop their coverage and pay the fine, which is a small amount (the first year, it’s under $300 for most people.)