We love BusinessInsider for their coverage of so many different topics that affect or could potentially affect the modern day business world.  This includes technology.  Thank you to writer Kevin Smith for his post on the apps that are taking the iOS world by storm.  (Maybe I oversold that a little, but still…)

1.     Frontback.  This allows you to take a picture with the front and rear camera at the same time, then combines the two pics into one.

2.    Quip.  A mobile word processing app that also works on your desktop.

3.    Vesper.  A note taking app that is easy to use and makes the organization of the notes simple as well.  The first line you type is the headline, so get used to that as the organizational guide and it will flow easily.  It does cost $5 though.

4.    Viewfinder.  An easy way to organize your photos by date and location or other identifying title.  You can also share with others.

5.    IFTTT.  Do you have a bunch of web services that do not normally get along?  Connect facebook with the cloud to an RSS feed and more.  The “IFTTT” stands for “if this, then that.”

6.    Landcam.  The camera app that goes beyond the default app.  Add text to your pics, use filters that make your pics look cool and more.  Just 99 cents.

7.    Hipmunk.  A travel app that professes to sort through all the travel apps out there to find you the best deals.  Included are last minute hotel deals.  We did not test this, but if it works, say Hallelujiah.

As always, we promise to keep you up to speed on the apps for iOS and Android that are making life easier. ..or perhaps just more fun.