My opinion of consumer technology products and upgrades in 2012 is that it will be looked at as a transition year for technology.  There was no outstanding new consumer tech piece released, nor was there an outstanding upgrade to an existing product.  I know, I know, start yelling at me now.  Agreed, there were a few nice upgrades this year (Android is in the game now), but there was nothing that jumped up and screamed “I gotta have that.”

Having said that, here are a few of the standouts from Steve Kovach and

1.    The iPad keyboard from Logitech.  At $100 it turns your iPad into a mini laptop.  It also doubles as a cover.   It attaches to the long side of the iPad and could very well be the reason that apple did not seem to be concerned with Microsoft’s Surface.

2.    iGrill.  A meat thermometer that wirelessly transmits the temperature of whatever you are cooking on your grill to your phone.  Sounds silly?  Not so fast.  Cooks are the original multi-taskers.  With this device you can be preparing something in the kitchen while the meat is cooking outside.  Quite handy, I’d say.  Not an apple product by the way.

3.    OlloClip for the iPhone.  Do you ever wish you had different lenses for your iPhone?  Now you do.  OlloClip is a small device that clips onto your iPhone and offers a fish eye view, macro and wide angle.

4.    Ion Air Pro high-def camera.  Targeted to the active consumer, this camera is rugged and clips onto anything, so you can take stream video anywhere.

5.    Equiso.  This is a dongle that plugs into your TV (HDMI port) and allows you to stream Android versions of HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu and more.  Just $80.

These are certainly solid additions to the tech landscape, but there is nothing here that massively advanced the field of consumer technology.  Wiat, I stand corrected.  I do love the iGrill.  Can't wait for 2013.