It’s the end of the year and that means that Time Magazine will present its lists of well, everything.  Having said that, I think the invention list is very interesting, and thought you might enjoy it too.

1.    LiquiGlide.  A professor and 5 MIT students have invented a product that when applied makes the substance slippery so that virtually anything will slide off of it.  From ketchup out of bottles, to ice off airplane wings.

2.    Enable Talk Gloves:  Four Ukranian students invented gloves that allow speech and hearing impaired people to communicate with those who do not understand sign language.  By moving the gloves in certain ways the gloves translate the movements into text messages.

3.    Self-inflating tires: (On a personal note, please let these work.)  Keeping tires at their proper inflation levels is most definitely one of those chores that I neglect.  The new science is a little hard to explain, so I won’t, but suffice to say that this would be a big step into the improvement of mankind.

4.    First Responder Alert System AKA Bounce Imaging: An MIT student invented a ball that is thrown into dangerous situations, such as a burning building, and takes pictures, samples the air for radiation and gauges temperature.  All the data is then sent to a mobile device.  It’s not heard to see that this could potentially save hundreds of lives worldwide every year.

5.    Bahar Towers in Dubai.  Temperatures in the Arabian desert soar to well over 100 degrees regularly.  Thus, buildings need to be designed to keep its users cool.  Bahar Towers uses specially designed shades that open and close in response to the sun.  This is lowering the need for air conditioning by 50%.  It also reduces the carbon emissions by 1,750 tons per year.  Wow.

The imagination and quest for discovery exhibited by mankind is always wonderment to me.